Day Trip Items

Essential Personal Items For A Guided Canoe Trip

t-shirt (two for longer trips)
quick-drying shorts and/or swim suit
small towel (quick dry camping type)
lightweight long sleeved shirt (cotton/polyester blends are good)
sun hat (a full wide brim is better than a ball cap)
quick-drying long pants (some styles convert to shorts by zipping off the legs)
wool sweater or fleece jacket
socks (wool or synthetic)
sports sandals or running shoes
toilet paper
spare prescription glasses & personal medications (in waterproof container)
good quality rain gear (jacket and pants)
flashlight or headlamp
bug spray
water bottle notebook or journal and pencils
camera with extra batteries and memory cards (or even film!) in waterproof container
binoculars and field guides
day pack or fanny pack for frequently used items

Spring & Fall Extras

lightweight synthetic or wool long underwear (top & bottom)
wool or fleece hat
wool or fleece gloves or mitts
extra insulating layers (eg. fleece pants and jacket)
waterproof footwear