The artwork of David Kay​​

September 2nd to September 28th

At the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre

Join us for an opening reception

​Saturday September 3rd 11:00am to 2:00pm

Biography of David Kay

I've been drawn to art and nature all my life, I've pursued this passion through the years and so far it has been a spectacular journey. 

    I was born in Picton, Ontario where I spent my my pre-school years. I roamed and painted my youth away in Newmarket (where I befriended Steve Dunsford, the other artist in this show). College and the chaotic years of reaching adulthood were spent in Toronto and area. 

    I was always painting and exploring, I eventually landed in Whitney at the edge of Algonquin Park, as did Steve. From this home base I had the opportunity to travel and paint my way through Asia, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, South America and the Antarctic and of course this beautiful country, Canada, Algonquin Park always calls me back, the rugged beauty, the whisper of the wind in the trees, the sparkling light on the water, the thunder of the spring rapids and waterfalls, it is all so inspiring

    I'm overjoyed to call this corner of the world home. For over 30 years I have been tramping, paddling and meandering my way through this fantastic landscape and could use a few more lifetimes to capture a fraction of the beauty and peace I find here. I've tried to infuse my paintings with the light and energy of the moment, I hope you feel this, and that my work brings you joy.

    My work is displayed at The Gallery House which is located at 42 Ottawa Street in Whitney, Ontario. I welcome you to come and enjoy and browse and take a memory home.

Algonquin Park captured through the lens of Steve's camera and the strokes of David's paint. Depicting rugged landscapes and all that thrives there. Algonquin is our show. Come immerse yourself.

The photography of Steve Dunsford​​

Impressions of Algonquin

A two man show by David Kay and Steve Dunsford