So why this astrophotography workshop?

During the astrophotography workshops we will focus on astrophotography (photographing the night sky). We will work on and talk about settings, setup, locations, tips and tricks and post processing techniques. We will discuss meteor showers, the Milky Way, northern lights (aurora borealis), deep space and other amazing things that happen under a dark sky. These workshops are on dates where the moon will not be out for most or all of the night. These workshops will happen rain or shine. So if it happens to rain the day of the workshop we will discuss landscape and wildlife photography, so be prepared by bringing clothing for any and all weather. These workshops are designed to be a fun outdoor learning experience where you will gain the photographic and wildlife expertise from Wesley Liikane – Cowboy with a Camera. So if you have ever thought of taking pictures of the night sky, or looking to learn some advance processing techniques make sure to register.

Some people ask me how I can stay out all night viewing and photographing the night sky. My reply is always, where else can you stand in one place, not move and yet photograph billions of different objects? The answer is, nowhere but up.

“there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on earth” – Carl Sagan

Wesley Liikane has been published by:
– Outdoor photography Canada
– SkyNews
– Smithsonian Magazine
– Canadian Geographic
– Muskoka Magazine
– Harrowsmith’s Truly Canadian Almanac
– Explorers edge
– Canada Keep Exploring
– Ontario Travel
– Earthsky
– And many more…

Payment Information

50% deposit required at the time of booking, balance of payment due 29 days prior to the date of the workshop, bookings will be accepted up to 7 days prior to the workshop if there are any spaces available.

Cancellation Policy:

60 days or more before workshop:  $200 cancellation fee

30 to 59 days before the workshop $300 cancellation fee

29 days or less NO REFUND

If you would like to know what things you will need to bring for the workshop or any other information regarding the workshop please email Thank you for your interest.Type your paragraph here.